Birth therapy with a specialist midwife

Emma Mills offers a new clinic in Birth Therapy. This clinic is run by Emma, a specialist birth trauma midwife . Emma is an experienced practising health professional and has qualified in Birth Trauma Resolution therapy. With her clinical experience in pregnancy, birth and beyond  she is able to offer a complete package of care to achieve the best outcome for you to move forward and enjoy family life.

What is Birth Therapy


Everyone deserves the ‘perfect birth’ experience. However, the truth is it doesn’t always happen like that! Whether you have pre-birth jitters, feel panicked whenever you think about your birth, scared to talk to anyone about what happened or feel traumatised, birth therapy can help you. It is important to remember that a ‘difficult birth’ doesn’t have to come from a life-threatening event; it can emerge from feeling a loss of control, no one listening to you, a sense of helplessness or a loss of security, before, during and after birth. So even though you may feel you haven’t had a ‘traumatic birth’, you may feel unable to enjoy your pregnancy/new family life as you feel trapped with those negative emotions and disconnected. 

You are not alone and we offer fast and effective treatment to move forward positively in pregnancy, with your new family life and look forward to future pregnancies.  

Ask yourself: 

· Do you feel panicked or anxious about your birth?

·  Are you avoiding talking about your birth to others?

·  Do you feel disconnected from people you are close to? 

· Do you find it hard to sleep or stay asleep? 

· Do you have difficulty concentrating on things? Are you having nightmares/flashbacks of your birth 

· Are you scared to have another baby? 

Any of these symptoms can be because you are experiencing trauma after your birth. This treatment offers you a fast, effective therapy to deactivate the trauma but also offers the vital additional techniques and strategies to provide a positive mindset moving forward. 


BTR is designed to offer you quick and effective relief from the hugely debilitating symptoms of fear of childbirth, a difficult birth or trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. This therapy offers you solutions focussed treatment over 1-4 sessions. The therapy consists of a step by step process including: 

· Listening to your unique birth experience with a clinician. 

· Teaching you immediate breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce symptoms of anxiety and panic. 

· Use of the Rewind Technique. This simple technique will transform the memory that previously made you feel anxious or scared, into a memory that doesn’t produce a response of anxiety or fear.   

· A personalised guided visualisation/relaxation technique.

· Rebuild your confidence after trauma. 

· Techniques to help prepare for a future birth.

Who it affects

Emma is trained to work with mothers, fathers and birth companions. She also works with parents-to-be who may be very anxious about their upcoming birth and health professionals suffering from vicarious trauma after witnessing a difficult birth.   


You are not alone, call for a free 15 mins chat with Emma.

Birth Theray Clinic

Birth Therapy is @

Perrymount Clinic

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Cost: £70  for 90 mins session


Emma offers a FREE 15 mins consultation via phone to discuss any questions and asses appropriate treatment. 

Birth Trauma Therapy with Emma Mills

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