About Emma

Emma is an experienced midwife, practicing in the field of midwifery for over 17yrs and a mother of 2. The service can offer you the same midwife at every appointment, allowing you to establish a relationship with consistent, evidence based advice, in which your midwife wil provide outstanding, one-to-one care. The service will support you in adjusting confidently to your new role, whether it is for your first child or a growing family. Your personal midwife will give you clear and practical advice to establish a 'family life' that works for you. Emma practices very much with the goal of achieving a realistic approach to parenting.  

'I can't provide a perfect baby, but I can give you strategies to manage your expectations of motherhood.'

The service offers a bridge between NHS maternity care and private obstetric packages within the antenatal and postnatal period.

It offers a flexible care depending on your individual needs and budget. 'There may be times in your pregnancy or the postnatal period that you need additional support and advice, time to ask questions you didn’t have time to explore at a previous appointment, or to discuss any anxieties you may have. 'I offer a choice to women for their maternity care provision, with as much or as little as you need. I am only a phone call away.'

Emma is a qualified and practicing midwife here in the UK and has practiced abroad. She has worked within the NHS, private practice, the charity sector and independent midwifery. She  has provided antenatal, intarpartum and postnatal care to women in hospital, birth centres and the community. She worked within high risk units in London, New Zealand and Sussex and was the lead midwife for a private obstetric practice in central London. She also ran and managed a team of specialist midwives providing pregnancy health information for women and their families through multiple communications platforms, and set up and project managed helpline services for national charities. She is currently the midwifery advisor to Boots UK Limited and is their midwifery spokesperson, providing regular press interviews on topical clinical issues. She remains a practicing midwife here in Sussex, working in the NHS,  and is a member of a professional Union – Royal College of Nursing and registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council – NMC.      


Katy & Camilo - London

'To have one dedicated midwife in pregnancy and the postnatal period was just what we needed. I was able manage any concerns I had and went into hospital confident and prepared for the birth. We had a normal delivery and the best postnatal care at home with Emma.

Charles & Simon - Sussex

'The postnatal package at home was invaluable to us as new parents. The support, advice and dedication given to our new family simply set us up for success. We miss you! '

Sarah - Sussex

'I really appreciated the time and information you provided and felt really positive following our meeting. I wish all the midwife appointments could be like that! '

Naomi- Sussex

'Having Emma for support during both my pregnancies has given me such a strong sense of security and reassurance. She manages to provide a clearly very high level of professional care alongside an accessible and down to earth manner which meant I felt I could ask her anything and not feel silly! She has a way of making me feel empowered and confident and that has probably been the most helpful thing. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough and I will definitely be calling her straight away if I am lucky enough to have a third baby!'

Caroline & John - London/Sussex

'To have a midwife come to our homes, at a time that suited us was perfect and just what we needed. The prentenatal package was invaluable throughout the pregnancy. Emma provides a high level of professionalism and knowledge that helps to reassure you. Her guidance to access the right care pathway within the NHS meant we were able to see the right clinician and receive great care throughout a difficult pregnancy.'  


2018 -@emmamillsprivatemidwife your amazing advice and care is life changing and sometimes life saving. We are so lucky to have you.